How is press planned and bought?

Creative Executions

Creative process


Creative Executions Typically press adverts take the form of double page, full page, half page or quarter page sizes. Press advertising can often be misconstrued as a being an unimaginative media platform, however there are numerous ways in which advertisers can achieve standout within great titles. For example formats include:

  • Cover wraps - advert wrapped around the front and back of a title
  • Barn doors - open the ‘doors’ out from the front cover
  • Book ends - more than one insertion in the same title or page
  • Lenticular - a specialist printing process that allows more than one image to be available based on vantage point
  • Fragranced - scratch and sniff or scented pages
  • Pop-up - advert which pops up as the page turns
  • Advertorial - an advert which takes the form and tone of an editorial page

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Creative process Once the strategy and core objectives of the Press campaign have been identified, the creative execution can start being developed, through various stages:

  1. Firstly the creative team brainstorm imaginative ideas, before finding ‘the’ creative solution for your brand.
  2. From this, the creative team can start copywriting for the main body of the press advert, and send this to you for approval.
  3. The design team will then request any assets the you have e.g. logo/photographs as well as design guidelines/specifications for us to follow. The approved copy from the creative team will also be provided to the design team.
  4. Next the design team will start the design process by breaking down the copy into sections; headings, sub headings, main body and contact information. Once the first version has been improved internally it is sent to you for approval. Most advertisements will have two or three round of changes, dependent on the deadline.
  5. All artwork is proofed and exported to the required guidelines/specifications supplied to us by you.
  6. Once the final version has been approved by you, the work is then sent to the media team to forward on to media owners to put in the agreed space in the titles.

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