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UK Press market British press has come a long way since the first newspaper the ‘Corante’ was published in London in 1621. The UK is now home to thousands of press titles, which provide an excellent platform for advertisers to promote their businesses and brands on.

Newspapers are popular with people of all demographics, with 68% of adults reading newspapers every week.

The UK press market is split into various types, all of which can be beneficial for advertisers. Here are some examples so you can see how things are broadly categorised.

Print advertising accounts for about 25% of all advertiser spend, which equates to roughly £16 billion. Nevertheless, the changing media landscape has resulted in print advertising spend declining by roughly 50% in the last 10 years, as online and social platforms continue to develop and command high advertising investment.

In order to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour and to protect their brands, most newspaper and magazine titles have online sites that run alongside their printed content. The industry has now recognised this and has started to measure overall brand readership, and not just the figures for the printed titles alone.

The vast range of press titles in the UK enable advertisers to reach a wide variety of audiences, whether they need to target a mass, upmarket audience, a small town, a particular professional or a those interested in a niche hobby.

Press advertising can be bought in two forms; Display or Classified. Display advertising runs in the main body of the title, in and amongst editorial content. Traditionally, display adverts contain text, imagery and logos etc. Display advertising is an ideal form in achieving good standout and brand building, or positioning a business or brand next to relevant editorial content.

Classified advertising typically appears at the end of the press title, and usually features short text only. Classified advertising is a good way of reaching those who are actively seeking a service i.e a plumber, hairdresser etc.

Press advertising is an ideal media channel for;

  • Achieving strong reach against a variety of audiences
  • Promoting around a vast range of relevant editorial content
  • Capturing the attention of an engaged audience
  • Conveying long copy/information

Learning Tools We would recommend looking at these useful websites for more information and statistics about press in the UK:
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